Fats of life

I love fat. I embrace fat with fully open arms… even fats that other plans have trouble opening the door to, like full-fat dairy, cheese, and dark meat. When these fats are minimally processed and come from whole, natural sources I don’t feel that my body suffers, so I welcome them, too. (You have no idea how much it changed my life to be able to eat cheese again!)

Fatty foods taste luscious, they’re more satisfying, and they keep me full longer. Fatty foods don’t spike my blood sugar and cause my fat cells to enter starvation mode. Fatty foods give me life. 🙂

Here’s what a typical fat-loving day in the life looks like:

I wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee… with whole cream! Or coffee booster. Or I have tea with whole milk. Or just the glass of milk! Mmm.

My breakfasts usually will have a half an avocado, or some nut butter or whole milk Greek yogurt in my smoothie.

Snacks? If I need them at all before lunch — I usually do not — I can pick between cheese or nut butter with my fruit. If I go with veggies, well, I drizzle olive oil over my hummus the way that it was meant to be served, or I make my own dressings* with avocado-oil mayo or full-fat sour cream. Or I oven roast my own nuts and seeds. So delish!

By lunchtime I’m usually still pretty satisfied, so I’m able to have lighter, healthy-tasting lunches now without feeling deprived! I embrace chickpeas and tomatoes and salads in ways that I never have before. I’m actually foregoing meat in my midday meal!

Couple of hours later, I get my choice of snack again. Do I want that luxurious fancy cheese from the gourmet grocers? Or just a handful of rosemary roasted cashews? Whatever I want, I trust that it will satisfy me quickly, I won’t feel the need to eat 2 or 3 or 4 serving sizes like I would with popcorn or crackers, and I won’t be hungry again before dinner.

Dinners are always hearty and tasty – and come on, chicken thighs are the cheapest protein you can buy, and they don’t dry out as easily as the breast. Most nights I don’t even finish what’s on my plate… and that portion size has been getting naturally, steadily, smaller and smaller already.

After dinner, instead of opting for an alcoholic beverage I might have more coffee–decaf, with chicory and, you guessed it, heavy cream! Or make my own whipped cream and dollop it on some fresh berries. Or make the easiest chocolate sauce out of 100% baker’s chocolate and whole milk. And I can have it every. night. If I want to (but I don’t need it.)

Sigh. Fat, you make me so happy. Thank you for helping me change my relationship with food and learn how to recognize hunger and satiety in my body. And for being so delicious that I no longer need sweets and breads and crackers. You’re the best.

* The making of your own sauces is important. One of the most fundamental pillars of healthful eating is making things yourself–it’s often easier than you think, and you can control what goes in! Commercial sauces, dressings, even dry seasoning blends are usually laden with hidden sugars, skyrocketing salt content, and artificial junk that your body has a hard time processing and can lead to inflammation.
I used to get so frustrated at the grocery store looking for items on my list without added sugar (even Fajita seasoning! What?!) Now I can feel free to use a luscious sauce or dip whenever I want it, and know that it’s not going to have any unwanted effects on my blood sugar, hormones, or inflammation.

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